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Zebra Vs Cheetah

Newest Violentce

Tough Dude Vs Two
by Violentce | Jail fights are fun to watch. This video is a decent one. Observe the scars on the winners head.

The Whole Ghetto Vs Rest Of Ghetto
by Violentce | This fight is a good one! I have never seen so much pulled hair laying on the ground before. The ghetto comes alive here.

Angry Car Vs Thugy Car
by Violentce | Two thugs smash a window of a car after they backed into it. Victim says fuck you guys, you guys are nothing. He backs this story up with a full on read ender. No literally he reverses into them and rear ends them.

Angry Russian Chick Vs Others
by Violentce | Little feisty Russian chick starts fighting a dude at first then switches her attention to a chick. Then a separate 1vs1 breaks out too.

14 Year Old Girl Vs Other Kid
by Violentce | "One child under 14 years brutally assaulted a classmate outside a school facing no opposition from other girls who do nothing about it"

Amateur Boxer Vs Ex-Pro Boxer
by Violentce | Looks like there is a clear winner. "What happened"

Body Slammed Vs Slammer
by Violentce | Russian guy and French guy fight. One guy hurt bad. He ok.

Hoodlums Vs Hoodlums
by Violentce | Rapper party ends with several guys knocked out cold on the ground

Facial Expressions Vs Sleeper
by Violentce | runken bashing results in a knockout in the middle of a street in AustraliaCCTV captured a bashing that took place in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia on May 23rd, 2013. Luke Alexander Green was sentenced to 2 years with early parole on the 13...

Sleeper And Buddy Vs Buddy
by Violentce | Video starts with a guy knocked out and his buddy getting punched out right after.

White Female Basketballer Vs Black Female Basketballer
by Violentce | Black chick gets checked down and retaliates with a swift sucker punch to the jaw.

Two Vs Four
by Violentce | One guy gets jumped by 4 and his small buddy comes to rescue him only to get beat on as well. Guy that got jumped ends up getting stomped to sleep.

Idiot Looking Dumbass Vs Punch
by Violentce | Dumbass with moronic haircut agrees to take a punch to the face for a tattoo. Im glad it was recorded so I got to laugh as well.

by Violentce | "Get the fuck out of my face", gets knocked the fuck out.

Dropped Vs Dropper
by Violentce | *Ding Ding Ding* Fight starts, punch is thrown, fight is over, *Ding Ding Ding*