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Car Vs Man 2

Newest Violentce

Rhino Vs Dumb Buffalo
by Violentce | Dumb buffalo tries taking on a way bigger rhino. Look at the horn on the rhino!

New Hempshire Police Vs Maniac
by Violentce | New Hempshire police Murdered caught On Dash Camera. Killer dies moments later.

Truck Vs Car Vs Car
by Violentce | Brutal head on collision resulting in the camera car getting hit as well.

Cops Vs Water Bottle
by darkwolf | Hilarious, guy annoys cops by pretending to pee with stream of water from a water bottle that he put a hole in the lid. I don't know why he didn't just use a bottle with a stream top but, yeah.

Natives Vs Russian Soldier
by Violentce | A russian helicopter is monitoring a fleeing soldier who gets ripped apart by the natives

Motorcyclists Vs Wall
by Violentce | Accident happens on DUKE expressway, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I swear I thought this was going to be a multiple vehicle accident but it wasn't.

Pedestrian Vs Vehicle
by Violentce | This police officer knows our system for naming videos. He even says it himself, Pedestrian Vs Vehicle, although its really a Bicyclist Vs Vehicle.

Fedor Vs Guards
by Violentce | MMA Heavyweight Fedor gets thrown in jail and ends up beating up the guards.

Police Vs Fighter
by Violentce | 1 guy actively fighting an officer. Must have been pretty strong since it took three to get him away. Mistake number two was not giving up his hands.....maybe he'll remember tat next time.

Miesha Tate Vs Ronda Rousey
by Violentce | The official recap of the March 3rd match for the Strikeforce women's bantamweight belt between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey. Watch Rousey's win over Tate by armbar submission.

People Vs Car Accident
by Violentce | Fake realistic video of what happens when people text and drive. The aftermath of an accident is here too. Sick shiat.

2000LB Pound Bomb Vs bridge
by Violentce | They used over 2 thousand pounds of C4 to blow the bridge up. Check out the shockwave!

Bison Vs Illegal Hunters
by Violentce | Buffalo Field Campaign patrols documented an illegal bison hunt on 1/27/11. The hunter shot from just off highway 191 at entrance to Baker's Hole campground near West Yellowstone, Montana.

Big Rhino Vs Bull
by Violentce | A rare sighting of Africa's Big Five filmed in South Africa at the famous Lions Valley Lodge. The Buffalo and Rhino stare each other down and then the fight begins!

UFc Fighter Vs UFC Fighter
by Violentce | Previous record of the fastest UFC knowckout. 6 seconds in and knocked out.

Human Birds Vs Accidents
by Violentce | Super intense video of people who want to fly but die. Parachuter's, Skydivers and all types of human birds. RIP.

Police Vs Complainers
by Violentce | Hidden video of people looking to complain against police in USA end up getting arrested. What a joke this cops are in the states. No wonder they get executed all the time.

Big Kid Vs Small Big Kid
by Violentce | Thought the title was a joke at first then the fight happens 2 minutes in. Then the some-what brutal parts starts.

Josh Vs Christopher
by Violentce | Blury video of two dudes fighting. Seems like its more of a wrestling match on the ground. Josh (hoodie) vs Christopher (long hair)

Latvian Vs French
by Violentce | Konstantīns Gluhovs (Latvia) knocks out France kickboxer with an amazing heel hook kick.

Bully Vs Beatdown
by Violentce | A contestant on the show Bully Beatdown is beating his beater only to get knocked out cold

Kicked Vs KO
by Violentce | Knocked out with a nasty kick. Buddy bounces his head right off of the concrete.

Lion Vs Bear 4
by Violentce | A fight between an African Lion and an American Black Bear. It seems like a fight for territory, so who wins? Decide for yourself!

2 Lions Vs Tiger
by Violentce | A stupid lioness tried to show her bravery to tiger, only to get beaten badly by tiger. Then male lion came to help lioness only to get slapped and chased away by tiger.

Lion Vs 2 Cheetahs
by Violentce | n this clip a coalition of Cheetah blood brothers are so infatuated by a female they fight recklessly in front of a Male Lion that has just mobbed their female and crushed her skull no more than 30 meters away they continue to fight over the now dead...

Russian Vs Drugs
by Violentce | Looks like russian idiot is on drugs. Cop comes to beat on him and he decides to wreck a bunch of cars driving around like it was Grand Theft Auto in real life.

Russian Idiot Vs Russian Idiot
by Violentce | Two old guys driving by pull over and kick some butt. Time to call a good car accident lawyer, hope the dude's car insurance rate is not going to go up.

Green Car Vs Black Car
by Violentce | In China people fight cars instead of other people. Which results in cars fighting other cars...

Olivier Vs Jonathan
by Violentce | Olivier Rizk in the cargo shorts Vs Jonathan Gaetjens in the jeans

Lawyer Vs Punch
by Violentce | Attorney Doug Crickmer talks about the moment he was hit in the face by his client, Peter Hafer.

Two Vs Two 2
by Violentce | Two buddies fighting two other guys in 1 Vs 1 fights. Pretty funny fight but at the same time, weird as hell.

Ryan Hughes Vs McDonald
by Violentce | Second week of our fights, Jimmy Ryan Hughes vs. newcomer Devin McDonald. First fight to 3 rounds and both fighters were exhausted. Hughes in short shorts bald head.McDonald in long shorts.

Will Smith Vs Ryan Hughes
by Violentce | Hughes in black trunks vs Smith in blue trunks. Almost a 30 pound weight difference. Check out the other videos to see more fights from Hughes and others. No training, soccer team fight club. His name is actually Will Smith.

Russian Vs Anger
by Violentce | Russian gets angry and decides to do some Mortal Kombat shit on another russian. damn he head butted the shit outta that guys foot

Andrew Vs Kiefer
by Violentce | YouTube Description: This is my brother and some kid fighting, my brother owned him hahaha Well kind of :P i wish i got to record their 'Friendly Fight' this year, my brother got Kiefer's blood all over his shirt haha

One Guy Vs Two KOed
by Violentce | One man decides to cheapskate punch two guys when their not looking. Knocked out both of them in one punch each.

Bigger Dude Vs Smaller One
by Violentce | Intense fight between two heavy throwers. These guys know how to scrap. Apparently it happens at a skatepark.

Waka Flocka Vs Haymaker
by Violentce | Waka Flocka was ruthlessly coldcocked in the face Thursday night -- after a massive brawl broke out at the rapper's charity bowling event -- and Violentce.com has obtained footage of the free-for-all.

Gorilla Zoe Vs Security
by Violentce | I can't tell who Gorilla Zoe is fighting but the video's title says Security. Zoe pushes a bunch of dudes dressed in white when they try and approach him on stage.

Cars Vs Vehicles
by Violentce | Chinese video of how people refuse to follow traffic lights and signs and the price they pay.

Murcielago Vs Crash Test
by Violentce | 30mph crash test of Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 in a controlled crash.

Car Vs SUV
by Violentce | Car driven by teen gets creamed by an 18 wheeler semi truck after police chase.

Evo Vs Ditch
by Violentce | Major rear ender averted when the owner of this video drives into the ditch instead of rear ending someone on the road when a bunch of cars are all stopped on the highwway.

Hippo Vs Pack Of Lions
by Violentce | Lions try and take down a Hippo but there is a surprise ending to the clip.

Javelin Vs Back
by Violentce | Wrong place at the wrong time for a spectator as he gets a Javelin to the back. OUCH.

Weightlifter Vs Broken Arm
by Violentce | This must hurt! Janos Baranyai dislocated his elbow whilst trying to lift a 148 kg weight in the men's 77 kg snatch.

Weightlifter Vs Light Headedness
by Violentce | Found a bunch of weightlifting accidents and this is one of the first one. Although not very intense

Idiots Vs Concrete Mixer
by Violentce | 3 Idiots decide to rig a concrete mixer to a 2 by 6 and decide to use it as a carousel. Could have ended worse.

Syrians Vs Army
by Violentce | A 12 minute clip regarding the Syrian protesting that the army is trying to stop by killing civilians. Interesting find for sure!

Idiot Vs Selfs Gun
by Violentce | Dumbness knows no bounds as this idiot shoots himself in his bulletproof vest. Might be fake?

SUV Vs Semi
by Violentce | Head on accident of a SUV hitting a semi. Intense video as the SUV explodes into little pieces...!!

Cop Vs Bystander
by Violentce | YouTube Comment: "Police officers should watch this video and think carefully about their own image. This is why people don't feel bad when police officers get shot and killed in action."

Electric Fence Vs Reporter
by Violentce | Reporter thinks its a good idea to touch a 6000 volt fence. This is teh video that ensues.

Cops Vs One Guy
by Violentce | Guy tries escaping via highspeed chase but ends up losing control of his car. Guy surrenders but the cops beat on him anyways.

Kenyan Vs Cop
by Violentce | A policeman in Kenya tries driving away and some crazy fuck keeps trying to fight the cop. Cop starts beating the guy with his handcuffs (thats a first!)

Tony Swinnie Vs Life Sentence
by Violentce | Idiot black dude smashed a liquor bottle over a store owner during a robber and in the same clip he robs someone at McDonalds after delivering a one punch ko.

George Cathemer Vs Markus Rebowski
by Violentce | 6 foot 6 "gangster" beats on a traffic violating white guy who got arrested for driving while suspended. 18 minute fight clip. Personally I would have just faught the guy instead of running around in circles.

Head Vs Skateboard
by Violentce | Starts off with a bunch of yelling with no real fighting. Then one buddy tries taking two on and ends up getting smashed in the head with the trucks of a skateboard. Nice!

Idiot Vs Puncher
by Violentce | Crazy kid gets punched in the face and just takes it. Then Pat gets death smacked and laughs and says he wants ice cream hahahaha

Smaller Black Vs Bigger White
by Violentce | Locker room fight ends with a slam and some quick head punches I thought the one buddy was going to get knocked out for sure but looks like they were awake.

Base Jumper Vs Cliff
by Violentce | Cliff jumper, Jeb Corliss, with special suit to allow him to fly longer ends up clipping a cliff right before landing and crashes into the trees.

Sword Vs Dead Animals
by Violentce | Cold steel manufacturing has come up with a two handed sword that is pretty intense.

3 Police Vs Idiot
by Violentce | Apparently the video claimed police brutality but when I watch the video I see an idiot refusing to follow instructions and being taken to the ground...

Rondo Vs Pietrus
by Violentce | One NBA player throws a blind pases only for the other guy to catch it with his face. Original video says he get s Knocked Out when he really just got Knocked Down.

Idiot Vs Other Idiot
by Violentce | In honor of Whitney Houston I am going to find as many funeral fight videos as possible. This is the first :D

Security Guards Vs One
by Violentce | Apparently some "thief" gets busted and it seems like the guards have to act like cops and tackle the guy to stop him... 10 Vs 1

Washing Machine Vs Object
by Violentce | Some object gets thrown into the washing machine and the machine gets turned on to full blast. Watch the machine disintegrate into almost nothing.

Asian Guy Vs Bouncer and Post
by Violentce | Drunk ass asian guy tries fighting some bouncer who is clearly way bigger. Asian guy gets knocked to the ground and ends up getting up only to stumble head first into a post.

Lynx Vs Rabbit
by Violentce | Lynx chases wild rabbit ( or hare if it pleases you. Lynx's look like the boss of the artic.

Predators Vs Prey
by Violentce | Intense top 10 animal hunting video between predators and prey. Good clip for sure. Well worth the watch.

Russians Vs Birds
by Violentce | Russian hunting with boats and cars. Decent clip for sure. They got some big birds in Russia that's for sure!

Sgt. Shamar Thomas Vs Police
by Violentce | This Soldier lets these NYPD Officers know what he thinks about the way they have been treating the peaceful protesters on Wall Street.

Cornelius Gill Vs Police
by Violentce | Cop slams some black kid on the hood of another police car whle the guy is cuffed. Cop gets fired.

Police Vs People
by Violentce | Looks like police officers are just walking around as firing squads and executing people on sight. Only in america.

Michael Bell Vs Police
by Violentce | his is the self-incriminating Kenosha Police Department reenactment video of the actual officers who took 21 year old Michael Bell's life. The officer who claimed "he has my gun" has since committed suicide. Crime lab found none of Michael's DNA or f...

Curtis Gerard Vs Police
by Violentce | Fox Point police told 12 News the suspect in the Gamestop Robberies killed himself during a shootout with police and that no charges will be filed.

Police Vs James New
by Violentce | Some guy with a death wish rushes a cop as soon as he gets pulled over. Gets tasered and then he ends up brandishing what looks like a gun and the cop executes him on the spot. Sheboygan's district attorney office says police shooting justifiable.

Knockouts Vs Top Ten
by kaptiv8 | 10 Top videos of 2011 best knockout videos of Mixed Martial Arts..

Webbie Vs Crowd
by Violentce | ight breaks out at the Free Lil Boosie Concert in Chicago, IL (((((Anti-FukBoi Movement))))) Chicago peoples nation Stones vicelords 4ch latin kings almighty all's well and Webbie gets drug off the stage and beat up for not contributing anything to L...

Rapist Vs Women
by Violentce | A bunch of women crowd a man whos hands are tied up. Youtube video says that its a rapist getting beaten on video.

Vigilantes Vs Suspected Molester
by Violentce | his info started on Facebook where they made accusations that the man tied at the Stop Sign was purportedly having sex with an 11 year old girl against her will, if you watch this long video you will see he repeatedly denies this - however, Barbadian...

Molestor Vs Women
by Violentce | Check these two hood rats crackin dem knees. They said dis crazy nigga went and raped his own daughter. Anyway, after crackin dem knees, the molester runs off into some ladies house. It's all good in the hood.

4 Prisoners Vs Child Molestor
by Violentce | Inmates attacking a what they taught was a child molester Video of dude getting beaten for 1 hr.

Quiet Dude Vs Taser
by Violentce | Cops walk up to some random sitting on a porch and tase him. Didn't get to see why this happened but Im sure he did something dumb.

Police Vs Inmate
by Violentce | Police officer suspended without pay following incident with inmate. Nothing really happened except a small shove.

Cop Vs KOed Mom
by Violentce | San Francisco, California. Video shows a San Francisco police officer throwing a resisting suspect to the ground, apparently knocking her unconscious, while leaving the baby to cry on the side-walk.

Nater Vs Bo
by Violentce | Felony fights clip. Two big dudes fighting indoors where the ring is made of cars. Interesting backyard brawl fight for sure (long clip watch the rest)

Hispanic Vs Many Blacks
by Violentce | urveillance video of the brutal beating of a 15-year-old Newark teenager may only tell half the story.The attack last week by a pack of teenagers shows the youth being pummeled and kicked as he lay on a sidewalk in front of a deli about four blocks...

Drunk Vs Crew
by Violentce | A drunk bully picks on a guy at Hyperfest, gets his ass kicked...then he cries. He even continues to talk smack afterwards! This dude got what he deserved. As seen on Trutv's World's Dumbest Brawlers.

Riot Police Vs Idiot
by Violentce | uy with a cloth on his hand, approaches riot police and pushes a cop. As far as the cop knows, the guy could have a knife or weapon hidden under the cloth (they usually do that in bad neighborhoods such as this one) This happened in Colombia South Am...

Beaten Vs Shot
by Violentce | Video released by Redlands Police of the fatal shooting that took the life of a Calimesa man on Saturday shows a gunman pulling the weapon and firing on a frightened crowd.

Beaters Vs Beaten
by Violentce | I was picking up a pizza at dominos when a fight broke out in the parking lot. These guys were pissed...

David Vs Goliath
by Violentce | cheduled backyard "MMA" fight ends in amazing brutal knockout!!!! The bigger fighter talking all the trash at the beginning seemed as if he weighed at least 250-300 pounds easy.His opponent was maybe around 145 pounds....After fat boy talks himself...

Cop Vs Suspect 5
by Violentce | his tough talking chick cop tries to take down a bad guy who got away from her before, and she quickly learns the hard way that she's in the wrong profession! When her male backup arrives, she is in a headlock and being tased! How humiliating for thi...

Two Cops Vs One Black
by Violentce | Black dude is trying to get away and ends up getting batoned while the other cop is tackling the guy.

Black Vs Black 2
by Violentce | Wow that was more exciting then watching MMA, ok maybe one of those guys needs to watch the Karate Kid for some fighting lessons lol!

Couple Vs Couple
by Violentce | Shirtless guy starts fighting another dude and then their girlfriends start fighting each other too.

Stick Vs Fatty
by Violentce | Idiot goes to hit a flying pinata but ends up releasing his stick as he is swinging. Ends up KOing a fatty.

MS13 Vs New Member
by Violentce | Apparently the title of this video says this is a future MS13 member trying to enter the gang via gang initiation.

Ex Boxer Vs Asian
by Violentce | A drunk man was caught peeing on coke machine at convenient store.. owner's son ask him to leave the property when the man sucker punched the asian kid and then paid the price..

Latvian Vs Russian
by Violentce | Two sissys fight one another. One of them has such bad balance that my little sister could punch him out cold.

One Russian Vs Emos
by Violentce | Crazy russian guy walks in all nonchalant and ends up smashing like 5 emo kids. Not as bad as I originally thought this was but still a good video.

18th St Vs Tortilla Flats

Couple Vs Couple 2
by Violentce | Pretty funny video of a Polish woman beater getting beaten on. Then the woman who got beat ends up stepping in and she gets it too. Then the tables turn. It's pretty funny!

Greg Vs Bouncer
by Violentce | Greg The KO Kid Attacked & Choked Out By Club BouncerThen he ends up one punching a bouncer.

Muscle Guy Vs Muscle Guy
by Violentce | Two muscle guys go at it in this road rage incident caught on tape. As seen on Trutv's Most Shocking.

Huge Dude Vs Shit talker
by Violentce | One punch KO by the looks of it. This was a couple of years ago, at about 2pm on a saturday, in the middle of a busy high street. You've gotta love Sutton eh!?

Bouncer Vs Idiot
by Violentce | Bouncer bounces an idiot around. First he headbutts him then throws his ass outside.

Headbutt Vs Police and Wall
by Violentce | First he headbutts the wall. Then prisoner head butts police officer in face - unbelievable footage in court

Idiot Vs Bigger Idiot
by Violentce | "I bet vaggie 10 bucks that he would fall over at my friends cabin in Canada, the hardest headbutt i could do!"

Shit Talker Vs Headbutt
by Violentce | Shit talker tries calling a dude out to a fight. Dude says fuck that. Finishes the guy with a head butt.

Skinhead Vs Punk
by Violentce | Drunk punkster tries fighting a skinhead and ends up getting chokked out.

Black Vs White
by Violentce | White guy gets thrown around like a ragdoll at some McDonalds. Not a very long fight.

Scary Black Vs White dude
by Violentce | Big black dude ends up fucking destroying this white guy from behind with a cheap shot. Pretty rough video. white guy gets harassed by black couple, while other seven white people just watch in horror lol

Blacks Vs Whites
by Violentce | In England they must hate black people a lot because this video is all about race fighting.

Racist Vs Beaters
by Violentce | hite idiot calls a bunch of black people the last word in the dictionary that they wana hear and they go at him. Before they are able to attack him he ends up trying to stab one of them with a broken bottle. White guy falls in the pool and then he sw...

Angry Parent Vs Security Guard
by Violentce | A fight broke out between parents at a Butler vs. East Meck basketball game in Charlotte, NC. A parent is taken under arrest after fighting the school resource officer. Here is the raw video!

Seranos Vs Brown Pride
by Violentce | Started as a 1 Vs 1 and ends up as a fucking 10 Vs 1. Some kid jumps in and starts piping but doesn't injury anyone very good.

Idiots Vs Idiots
by Violentce | It's a complete shit-show in the ghetto everyday but this takes the cake. Looks like its crips vs crips and they dont even knoe what the fuck is going on.

Black Vs Latin Dude
by Violentce | Black dude takes a quick and relentles beating on the ground. One punch two punch three punch.... hahah and the black guy was so dazed he was still hugging the legs of the latin guy after he clearly lost.

Latino Vs Black Dude
by Violentce | Guys are fighting in some projects and some lady jumps out with a bat and orders it to stop.

Homer Vs Guy N Guy N Guy
by Violentce | 3 Dudes take turns fighting one guy 1 Vs 1 and do stupid shit like spit on him. He ends up beating all three too hahaha.

Sureno Vs Norte
by Violentce | ortenos say smash a scrap on sight..Surenos say smash a chap on sight.. both of them were on sight and no one smashed.hahaha funny. I really don't feel bad for that mutha fucker who got hit when he wasn't looking. Both them muther fuckers were ...

2 Muslims Vs Big Group
by Violentce | Tough guys decided to take on a big group by themselves. Can't see the end though :(

Rapper Vs Puncher
by Violentce | Black dude gets almost punched out by a white guy after the white guy slaps the black guy. The black guy responds by punching the white guy. White guy misses a couple connections to the face.

Skaters Vs Shit Talkers
by Violentce | Two shit talkers approach a group of skaters at a hotel hall and end up getting K.O.ed very quickly

Gang Vs Group
by Violentce | Big group of people rush 2 people at a 7/11. Decent but nothing amazing

Boxer Cop Vs Idiot
by Violentce | A police officer who used to be a boxer knocks out a guy who tries to run.

Punch Vs Guy
by Violentce | LMFAO!! Guy gets knocked out twice in 30 seconds...The commentary is actually amazing, props to the two who filmed this XD

One Vs Two
by Violentce | Guy knocks out two bullies with 2 punches. Quick little guy for sure. One punch mayhem galore.

Giant Vs Small
by Violentce | Fat kid ends up getting beat by a smaller quicker kid. Ends up with a quick bloody nose with no effort by the little guy.

Robber Vs Choked Out
by Violentce | Black guy tries to rob asian guy, gets choked out by the asian guy.

Mean Chick Vs Beaten Chick
by Violentce | 3 Seattle Bus Tunnel Guards Watch Brutal Beating while one chick beats on another. Decent as hell

Banger Vs Gangster
by Violentce | Apparently two (gangster) guys fighting outside of a bar/club. Blurry fight but its a good fight.

1 Guy Vs 4 Guys
by Violentce | 1 Guy Fights 4 And Wins .Even tho outnumbered by a good margin guy and his girlfriend put up a good fight .

7 Black Kids Vs 1 White Guy
by Violentce | 7 Blacks Beat Up 1 White Boy in an unprovoked racial attack, the true face of racism...

OG Russian Vs 5 Pickpocketers
by Violentce | Russian OG takes on five pickpocketers. Seems fake but I can't tell

13 Bouncers Vs 2 Guys
by Violentce | wo men give bouncers a hard time after they refuse to leave JayZ’s 40/40 club in Atlantic City, NJ. As the bouncers throw the men out of the club they beat them down in the parking lot.One man is out cold on the ground getting kicked when his fri...

Thonged Woman Vs Other Woman
by Violentce | Splendid Boxing Fight Between Two Ladies. Both are wearing just underwear. Chyea.

Eliana Vs Camila
by Violentce | Eliana (104 pounds) defeats Camila (132 pounds)in 40 seconds, by ripping her bra.

Female Boxer Vs Female Boxer 2
by Violentce | Women Boxing in 1920's. In the Roseland Ballroom ... Nice fight ... With a winner ...

Female Boxer Vs Female Boxer
by Violentce | Only..... a work of Thomas Alva Edison in may, the 6th of 1901.

Lisa Vs Veronica
by Violentce | Good fight (with blood !). First posted by (hermania08). Enjoy !!!

Black Chick Vs Other
by Violentce | Titties poping out in a girl Fight at the Lime Light Saginaw Michigan Video.

Trainer Vs Trainer 8
by surrey604 | Training for wrestling includes a great deal of endurance training, but it also involves getting muscles ready

Trainer Vs Punching Bag
by surrey604 | Kickboxing Training Session from Powerhouse Kickboxing in Cambridge, MA. Konstantin walks through the proper ways to perform defensive moves like slips and how to incorporate them into combinations

Trainer Vs Trainer 7
by surrey604 | Kickboxing Training Session from Powerhouse Kickboxing in Cambridge, MA. Konstantin walks through ways to perform blocks and clinches

Trainer Vs Dummie
by surrey604 | Konstantin walks through ways to perform numerous roundhouses explained very well in this video

Trainer Vs Trainer 6
by surrey604 | Matt Serra teaches you Jiu-Jitsu in this instructional video...This is Volume 1 of 4 and this is part 3 of 5

Trainer Vs Trainer 5
by surrey604 | Matt Serra teaches you Jiu-Jitsu in this instructional video...This is Volume 1 of 4 and this is part 2 of 5

Trainer Vs Trainer 4
by surrey604 | Matt Serra teaches you Jiu-Jitsu in this instructional video...This is Volume 1 of 4 and this is part 5 of 5 from this volume

Trainer Vs Trainer 3
by surrey604 | Matt Serra teaches you Jiu-Jitsu in this instructional video...This is Volume 1 of 4 and this is part 4 of 5 from this volume

Trainer Vs Trainer 2
by surrey604 | Matt Serra teaches you Jiu-Jitsu in this instructional video...This is Volume 1 of 4 and this is part 1 of 5 from this volume

Drunk Ass Vs Drunk Ass
by Violentce | Girl Fight after GUCCI MANE left da cotton club in Richmond,VA

Big Bitch Vs Little Black
by Violentce | Chick gets pulled out of the car and beaten on viciously by a big nasty broad. Decent but a little brutal fight.

Group Of Chicks Vs Group
by Violentce | A bunch of girls fights on some wedding and a guy redords everything and laughs

Fat Chick Vs Skinny Black
by Violentce | Black chicks raging on each other at a constant rate. Good fight too bad its so dark and I can't see everything perfectly. Good video though!

Hispanic Chick Vs Meanie
by Violentce | You can tell right off the bat whos going to be dominating this fight. You can tell way before they even start.

Angry Chick Vs Beaten Chick
by Violentce | Girls fighting in a park. Well more like one girl beating on another for a bit. Starts with major punches and the last act is hair pulling *sigh*.

Teen Vs Teen
by helldawg | 1:11 minutes. Two older teen boys fight with gloves on. Nice punch for a knockout at the end

Malone Vs Tyler
by helldawg | Two teens street fighting. Kinda wimpy but they fight. 53 seconds long

Fast Chick Vs Fast Chick
by Violentce | Backyard boxing brawl between two girls. Quick match but decent.

Weak Chick Vs Weak Chick
by Violentce | Another weak fight between two girls. This was a 15 second fight. Nothing amazing but hey might as well add it.

Weak Bitch Vs Weaker Bitch
by Violentce | Two black broads fighting, but this video kind of sucks because they dont fighting untill 2:45 into the video... Really short too.

Ghetto Chicks Vs Ghetto Chicks 3
by Violentce | Various minifights through this video make for a decent fight. This is the first of three videos, the other 2 can be found on the youtube users profile. but their really short...

Chick Vs Chick Vs Guy
by Violentce | Starts with two chicks fighting and then one of their boyfriends comes in and starts powerslamming people.

Chealsea Vs Beaten
by Violentce | One sided fight where a chick just sits on top of another one and beats on her without mercy. Choppy footage though.

Latisha Vs Beaten
by Violentce | Your homegirl in the blue sweat pants is kicking the in the jeans ass. One chick just smashes another through a car window. Rawr.

Jamaican Chick Vs Shevonne Morris
by Violentce | Crazy Jamaican girls going Head to head in the craziest brawl I have EVER seen. I really felt bad for that girl in the wig OMG!!! Did you see what was under their!!

Crackhead Vs Crackheacd
by Violentce | Intense awesome video of two crackheads battling it out on the sidewalk. Actually a fairly brutal video because one chick pins the other down and you know the rest

Quick Chick Vs Quick Chick 2
by Violentce | Round 2 of the last video. Apparently their fighting over a man. And that man is me. I love it when ladies fight over me.

Quick Chick Vs Quick Chick
by Violentce | Black ghetto chicks fighting over what I can presume is chicken and watermelon. Food stamps only get you so far.

Cheater Vs Cheated On
by Violentce | Apparently the guy that cheats on his chick ends up knocking out his "ex". This happened during a cheaters epiisode that was aired on on Maury.

Black Chick Vs One-Punch KO
by Violentce | Wow. Guy one-punches a girl out COLD. She ends up waking up towards the end of the video. Good Morning Sunshine :D

Two Black Chicks Vs Many
by Violentce | One black chick gets punched on by a few and her black friend jumps in and starts getting punched too. 10 Vs 2

Aikido Trainer Vs Trainee
by Violentce | Some smooth moves during a tournament/training session? Interesting moves for sure. Spinaroo central.

4 Thai Girls Vs 1 Guy
by Violentce | Don't Mess With Thai Girls (street fight). I've never seen girls be so viscous. Intense shiat.

Russians Vs Russians
by Violentce | Not even sure who is fighting here. Everything is backwards in this video. Chicks fighting chicks fighting chicks.

Chicken Vs Pigeon
by Violentce | Chicken VS Pigeon YOU DECIDE WHO IS WHO LMAO. so thats what happened to MC hammer....hes now a referee for bitch fights White guy at the end looks like the one who promotes the felony fights...

Janeth Vs Carina
by Violentce | From YT: funniest fight lol janeth vs carinas mongolita ass lol(bitch fiight)

Chicks Vs Chicks
by Violentce | Girls gets in to a MASSIVE BRAWL and gets KO'ed must watch!!! Oh No! Girl Gets A Major Beating!! Titties Pop Out - 10 Girls Fight!

Ghetto Chicks Vs Ghetto Chicks 2
by Violentce | All Girl Fight at the RaceTrac - Boobs Pop Out. 2 Groups of chicks fighting.

Asian Kid Vs 7 Bullies
by Violentce | An Asian kid being bullied by some pathetic jerks....that's all that needs to be said.

McCord Vs Reber
by lilfrank | Backyard Boxing Match ends after 1 hit. very sick fights i was amaze when i saw it .

Murder Vs Self Defense
by Violentce | 7-15-2010 - A shooting outside the Conway Arkansas Police Department. The suspect is currently charged with First Degree Murder and Aggravated Assault. Are these charges justified?

Car Vs Trailer
by Violentce | Intense video of a car pulling a trailer at high-speed only for the trailer to start fishtailing and flip.

Cop Vs Slow Driver
by Violentce | Now this is not a typical Vs Video but I think its quite hilarious none the less. Slow driver in the fast lane gets pulled over and once the driver is in the slow lane the cop turns lights off and takes off.http://youtu.be/vJjtQKND4W8

Jerk Vs Hockey Crowd
by Violentce | fter a 4-3 OT win vs the Tampa Bay Lightning where Scott Niedermayer scores the game winning goal, he is named the first star of the game. He then decides to give his stick to a little girl in the seats when some jerk steals the stick from the girl. ...

Porche Vs Bus
by Violentce | e've all seen that guy who parks in the middle of two spaces to avoid anyone dinging his precious sports car. He may get away with it at the grocery store, but when he puts it halfway onto the sidewalk directly in front of a busy bus stop, the laws o...

Bus Vs Car 4
by Violentce | Officials Say: Worst City Bus Crash in 20 Years. Car gets pinned between a rear-ending bus and a bridge.

Richard Haynes Vs Gun Charges
by Violentce | Four on board TTC surveillance cameras clearly captured the altercation and shooting on an Oakwood TTC bus on Feb. 23, 2009. Richard Haynes was sentenced to nine years for the attempted murder. (March 18, 2009)

White Kid Vs Blacky
by Violentce | I can sense the racial tension in this ghetto fight. White kid lives in the ghetto and obviously gets picked on.

Fat Chick Vs Fat Chick
by Violentce | Fatties going at it fighting over the last package of bacon of the supermarket.

Shirtless Vs Shirtless
by Violentce | Backyard boxing brawl between two guys. Starts first with the end of the first match and then the 2nd match starts. Decent but not amazing footage.

Angry Dude Vs Young Girl
by Violentce | Some man in L.A. was confronted by some girls over who's turn it was at the register. Something was said to the man that created enough anger in him to make him want to punch one of the girls.

Bus Driver Vs Black Guy
by Violentce | This crazy little punk just goes crazy and starts punching this old woman. Someone find this kid and teach him a lesson or something, holy crap

Diamond Vs Black Chick
by Violentce | Black chicks fighting all out. Young but furious. Clear footage finally.

Hoodrat Vs Hoodrat
by Violentce | High school in a bathroom between two chicks. Great chick fight for sure. It doesn't have too much good punches but it's a good girl on girl fight.

Samayoa Vs Leon
by Violentce | 6th round of 6. There are a total of 6 videos on the users page who added this video. View all their videos to see teh rest of the 5 rounds/videos.

Ghetto Chicks Vs Ghetto Chicks
by Violentce | The Rock in Bakersfield/ Ghetto Fight on Lacey Apartment was Mace 12/21/2010

Friend Vs Friend
by Violentce | I thought this was a ghetto street fight but turns out its a backyard brawl between two friends. Boxing only.

Shomari Stone Vs Two Guys Fighting
by Violentce | As Shomari Stone prepares to shoot an intro to a news story, he witnesses a street fight break out and jumps into the fray. He's now the #1 contender for a regional Emmy and a title shot.

Bully Vs Big Guy
by Violentce | Some little kid tries bullying a kid at school only to get body slammed against an edge which ends up breaking the bullies ankle.

Cop Vs Suspect
by Violentce | Cop knocks out some dumb-ass with one punch. Awesome. I bet the idiot still didn't learn his lesson.

Bully Vs Bigger Bully Vs Taser
by Violentce | Awesome video of a bully getting beaten in jail. Sucks to be the guy tazed. Ouch! PRISON BRAWL! Bully Picks a Fight With the Wrong Guy in a Jail Cell

Random Vs Random
by Violentce | One guy beats on another with wild haymakers. Ends up connecting and dropping the guy. Then the guy ends up giving the guy on the ground a couple more shots.

Motorbiker Vs Russian
by Violentce | Just keep a eye on the first guy to get out the car the rest is trashBuddy ends up getting one-punch during traffic road rage. Only in Russia.

Baseball Bat Vs Dude
by Violentce | A man got brained with a baseball bat after a car came close to hitting him. The driver got angry and knocked him out, then drove away.

Cessna Vs Field
by Violentce | Apparently some idiot coach thought it would be a good idea to land a plane on the field during a baseball game. Seems like he isn't the greatest pilot, but he will be rememberd as a pilot when a lot of pilots get zero recognition.

Baseball Vs Face
by Violentce | This takes place during a kids baseball game. Pitcher gets the ball to the face after he throws it to the batter. Batter gets him good.

Baseball Bat Vs Face
by Violentce | I can't tell if this is real or not but it looks real. Two idiots practicing making a movie

Baseball Bat Vs Neck
by Violentce | Idiot tells another idiot to smash him in the face with a bat, so he did it and this is the video.

Baseball Bat Vs Lots Of Faces
by Violentce | ome crazy guys from Boston obviously drunk start trying to fight a guy in his car for what appears to be no reason.After a minute or so the guy in his car has had enough and pulls to the end of the alley and stops his car.He get out and approache...

Baseball Bat Vs Face 2
by Violentce | Some newb tries spinning around with his head on the baseball bat which is on the ground. He swings once he stops spinning and ends up throwing the bat away from his hands. Unlucky watcher takes it to the chops.

Redneck Woman Vs Hillbilly
by Violentce | Redneck women fighting in an apartment complex. That's some real ghetto shiit right there. No blood or KOs.

Eddie Vs Luis
by Violentce | Ghetto fight between what looks like kids. Nothing amazing but its a Vs Video.

Eddie Vs Mark
by Violentce | Round two which is a continuation of the last video. Again there is an argument about what is a street fight.

Eddie Vs Mark 2
by Violentce | Clear footage of a supposed street fight. And incase anyone is wondering, a street fight is a fight with no rules. So if you break a fight up because it goes to the ground then it automatically isnt a street fight anymore.

Tyrone Vs Benny
by Violentce | One sided street fight that ends too quickly. And again there is a stupid loud crowd in the background.

Shane Vs Motz
by Violentce | Shirtless guys fighting in a parking lot while surrounded by an immature crowd that keeps yelling. Blurry video.

Roger Vs Jayden 2
by Violentce | Again the two english guys fight. Except this time there is no audio and the video is sideways. Goddamn youtube retards.

Roger Vs Jayden
by Violentce | An arranged fight between two english guys. One of them does the kick before the hook for momentum and ends up dropping his opponent. A little blood on the face as well.

Melanie Vs Chelsea
by Violentce | Blonde chicks fighting each other. A whole lot of street slapping and not so much street chick fighting.

Karlie Vs Gemma
by Violentce | Chickas fighting in a bus stop. One fighter is wearing a skirt. Not too bad.

Jory Vs Dickies
by Violentce | Weak blurry footage of two guys fighting. No knockouts or intense punches

3 Blacks Vs 1 White Girl
by Violentce | ortland: MAX Green Line Train - Anti-white Mob Assault on White Teenage Girl (From youtube) Anti-white crime knows no limits. Mob of black teenagers target and victimize white teenager. Three to four African-American teenage girls target one European...

4 Blacks Vs 1 White Guy
by Violentce | ublic asked to help catch four youngsters seen violently assaulting a passenger on a Luxembourg trainPolice have posted footage from a train surveillance camera showing a group of youngsters savagely attack a lone passenger. The horrific incident t...

Nugget Woman Vs McDonalds Drive-Thru
by darkwolf | oledo, Ohio, an extremely chicken nugget craving and aggressive woman like her McNugget serve in the morning, however McDonalds drive thru manager explains to her that it is 6:30 am and they are only serving breakfast menu which doesn\\\'t include Mc...

Haydo Vs Goob
by Violentce | Kids fighting in a blurry video. Footage looks like it was recorded in the 80s.

People Vs Events
by Violentce | Compilation of random events that happen to people. One buddy got one punch KOd, another fell off the roof.

Ed Vs Nathan
by Violentce | YT title says Ed but cameraman keeps calling him Ned. Fight itself sucks but since its a Vs...

Dodsy Vs Boothy
by Violentce | Two guys fighting in a park and one of them loses a shirt. Not the greatest fight.

Damo Vs Jacob
by Violentce | Yet again another blurry video by the same guy that uploaded the last 10 blurry videos. This fight is ok but nothing amazing.

Cody Vs Richard
by Violentce | "Their both punching on" ahh those crazy down under Australians. I like how the bullied kid ended up getting a quick cheap shot in when it seemed like the fight was over.

Callann Vs Dylan
by Violentce | Another bully video where one kid bullies another. But gotta credit the one kid for knowing how to bully.

Callan Vs Brayden
by Violentce | Sideways footage of the worlds shortest fight between two 10 year olds?

Cade Vs Ethan
by Violentce | Choppy footage of a quick fight that ends up breaking up because the fight spills into the street.

Bopaa Vs Joriii
by Violentce | Typical big guy picking on a little guy. Not a fair fight but fun to watch other than the fact the cameraman is a moron and cant hold the camera straight.

Bopa And Aaron Vs Random
by Violentce | Not sure what is happening here but it looks like a 2vs1 then it becomes a 1vs1 and then it becomes again 2vs1.

Bloks Vs Dude
by Violentce | Heated fight that seemes like it's one sided but then shit changes. Ends up with a KO but its hard to see.

Tyson Vs Sieth
by Violentce | Choppy footage of two randoms fighting. I was the quality was better.At the end one guy cheap shots another one and the guy hit ends up giving up.

Justin Vs Oliver
by Violentce | Australian dudes fighting over some past beef. One guy gets dropped right away and then judo thrown to the ground. Quick but shitty quality of footage.

Afro Vs Chubby
by Violentce | Not sure what a "nacho" is, a racist term or what. But a "crazy nacho" (as video adder called it)is fighting.

Mathis Vs Loren
by Violentce | Two heavy weights fighting and throwing powerbombs. Pretty good fight.

One Punchers Vs Punched
by Violentce | Random compilation of people getting one punched in various venues.

K.O.s Vs K.O.er
by Violentce | Buddy K.O.s another with one punch. Was prettty quick if you ask me.

Ghetto Kid Vs Ghetto Kid
by Violentce | Speedy ghetto kids fighting at some park. Damn their quick out there in the ghetto. KO for the win.

George Vs Super Blood
by Violentce | Parking lot fight where two guys go at it toe to toe and there was only one connection the whole fight. So it becomes a one-punch.

Antonio Vs Miguel
by Violentce | Pretty solid fight. Seems like they aren't actually angry due to the fact their waiting for the camera, and then the fighting starts.

Joshyboi Vs Lane Wells
by Violentce | Dudes decide to fight in some tennis court. Check out the girl in the pink in the end. Is she impressed or not.

Jordan Vs Reed
by Violentce | 2 Dudes fighting in a backyard. Starts off with solid face punches. Good fight.

Alex Vs Richard
by Violentce | 2 Dudes brawl in the woods for 3 rounds. With some decent body kicks.

Sparring Partner Vs Sparring Partner
by Violentce | (white) scores a sparring KO before his first amateur match Sorry no audio, recorded on a shitty phone... Now 6-0 in Cruiser Weight Division 190lbs

Random Vs Random 2
by Violentce | Car gets to a parking lot and two dudes start fighting right away and then the scene is on another pair of kids fighting.

Quicky Vs Slow Poke
by Violentce | Two guys are doing backyard boxing and one guy ends up getting temporarily KO'd. Decent quick fight.

Dee Smiley Vs Richard
by Violentce | Two good fighters box with mma gloves. Black kid has an Anderson Silva approach to the fight.

Smiley Vs Jon
by Violentce | From YT comments: Smiley takes on JonThree 2 minute Rounds Rate and Comment on who you think won!!!!

Smiley Vs Chris
by Violentce | From YT comments: Smiley goes to unfamiliar turf to fight Chris and knows he needs a win.

Cole Vs Smiley
by Violentce | Guys with MMA gloves fight in a field. Decent fighting abilities. Apparently their aspiring MMA fighters.

Kainalu Vs Kianu
by Violentce | Quick fight in a blue world. One guy is clearly bigger than the other and he also ends up winning.

Javin Vs Ace2
by Violentce | Second of two fight clips between these two. Previous video right after this is the 2nd fight. Fight itself is decent.

Javin Vs Ace
by Violentce | First of two fight clips between these two. Next video right after this is the 2nd fight. Fight itself is decent.

Mark Vs Lorreto
by Violentce | Big crowd circles a court to watch two guys fight. Decent fight but ends too quick. Could have been better.

Weakling Vs Weakling
by Violentce | Two guys that pretend like they want a piece of each other end up calling it quits fast. Nothing amazing yet again.

Aj Vs Micah
by Violentce | Semi weak fight that starts with potential. High kicks to start the fight seem like a good way to start.

Bar Patrons Vs 2 Latinos
by Violentce | Dual One-Punch KO. Two buddies get KOd through various methods. One takes a headbutt while the other takes a punch.

Idiot Vs Idiot
by Violentce | From video, "Due to popular demands the NG Graf Comp Fight. I do not promote violence. Peace and love but when all else fails. Shit talking doesn't pay off. Big Up SMUG LSD."

Bar Patrons Vs Group
by Violentce | Some dude KO and One-Punch some bar patrons and make it look easy. Some bystander tries to help only to get a quick one to the face. Cameraman in the end is worried about getting robbed. Even has some chicks fighting 1vs1.

Defender Vs Offender
by Violentce | ne of the nuttiest fight videos I have ever seen! I really liked the singing lady she wasn't hurting anyone.And then the guy who tried to defend her ends up getting his ass handed to him in a subway train FULL of people...

Hawaii Molokai Boy Vs Hawaii Molokai Boy
by Violentce | This shows you what someone who is trained in MMA can do in a street fight.This is an absolutely brutal one sided beat down that you have to watch from start to end! Nasty elbows,Hard slams,mount,and extreme ground and pound!

Big Hawaiian Vs Jap
by Violentce | Another fight from Hawaii...This one ends in a dramatic knockout!!!

Martial Art Vs Mixed Martial Arts
by Violentce | Skinny white guy gets completely smashed by shorter guy outside in the snow.

16 Year old Vs 16 Year old
by Violentce | he fight was supposse between the guy in the white and blue which you see a brief clip of from this camera. The guy getting whopped decided to rush the guy in black shirt while he was recording the fight which was supposed to take place. When he hit ...

Deejay Vs Keith
by Violentce | Great stand up fight.They both have good striking....Unfortunatly the fight was ended a little early each time they got to the ground :/

Security Guard Vs Beaten
by Violentce | Gangster get's his ass handed to him in about 30 seconds by some sort of security gaurd....You can tell the security gaurd took some sort of boxing lessons.... Pretty epic!

Tough Group Vs Other Group
by Violentce | his is just a clip of a bunch of teenagers setteling some problems in a parking garage.It seems kind of confusing at first,but basically it's how it looks,one side hates the other..After a small scuffle one of the teens ends up knocked cold face firs...

Trainer Vs Trainer
by surrey604 | Master Ricardo Cavalcanti shows two armbar options from spider guard.

Trainer Vs Trainee
by surrey604 | Master Ricardo Cavalcanti shows 3 options for arm triangle / darce choke

Boxer Vs Boxer 3
by surrey604 | Here is a good Muay Thai striking combination to learn with a good show of how to do the combinations n a slower pace

Boxer Vs Boxer 2
by surrey604 | Closing the distance in Muay Thai in this video youll notice a good explaination of how to close the distance n learn new ways of doing so

Boxer Vs Punching Bag
by surrey604 | Watch in this video as they explain some good training for boxing

Slim Dunkin Vs CTE Artist
by Violentce | Rapper cheap shots and KOs another rapper in one punch. Good deal.

Angry Man Vs Police
by aekramer | Eastern Europe. Police reluctant to fight this angry man. 1 Vs Multiple officers.

Taekwondo Vs Street Fighter
by aekramer | Taekwondo kick in the face of a street fighter, very cool and funny.


1 Russian Vs 4 Russians
by aekramer | Russian guy defends his girlfriend? What has happened and why are they fighting?! I DONT KNOW!SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FIGHTING VIDEOS!The song is \

Hockey Team Vs Hockey team
by aekramer | A bunch of awesome hockey fights from the 80s, 90s-00s cut together with Guns N Roses \\\\

Young Bouncer Vs Drunk
by Violentce | Nothing major. The bouncer at no fun at all has watched a few UFC fights.

Bouncer Vs Shit Talker
by Violentce | Walking outside of a bar in MTE, I saw this, pulled out my camera and started filming! What a moron!

Subway Rider Vs Subway Rider
by Violentce | When your Girl friend dances with the wrong Dude on the Subway!! things can go very wrong

Thief Vs Tough Guys
by Violentce | Thief Gets Confronted & Body Slammed By whiteboys On The Hood of A Car In Philly!

Brawler Vs Brawler
by Violentce | two of my friends fighting with only clear packing tape on their hands (to keep the knuckles from bleeding). well the little midget looking guy hits the big oaf looking dude with a serious right hook and completely drops him. Priceless. oh did i ment...

G Vs G
by Violentce | op Comment from YT: "good shit knocked the fucked out...but bro it's done there i can't believe people who keep punching and even stomping after someone is knocked out. Who wants to go to murder over a fist fight honestly man up and walk away you ...

Red Hat Wearer Vs Homophobe
by Violentce | ude punches dude in car. Dude in car gets knocked out.Dude knocked out is in moving car then crashes into a parked car.This was filmed in a parking lot outside of a bar after the bar closed. I saw 2 guys yelling at each other and grabbed my camer...

Pimp Vs Karate Man
by Violentce | Pimp gets knocked out by a man that he tried approaching in order to fght

Burgundy Hair Vs Tough Guy
by Violentce | Girl hits guy and breaks his jaw. the second girl with the red in her hair breaks his jaw .

David Kaplan Vs KO
by Violentce | UFC fighter asks to get punched and gets one punch KOed by Tom Lawler

Glen "Big Baby" Davis Vs Dwight Howard's Elbow
by Violentce | len "Big Baby" Davis gets knocked out by a Dwight Howard elbow in game 5 between Boston & Orlando. Baby shows heart and tries to run to get back to the action even though he can't walk straight, has no legs and probably doesn't even know what his nam...

Killer Vs Devon Wind
by Violentce | ops are looking for a man who shot and killed a 24-year-old in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Killer Vs Victim
by Violentce | Black suspect is seen shooting teenager in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Axe Vs Tree
by Violentce | Some ghetto dude cuts a tree down with an axe so that he could steal a bike.

G Vs G 2
by Violentce | Police in New York release shocking surveillance footage of a man being shot outside a McDonald's in the Flatlands district of Brooklyn, New York.

Lion Vs Crocodile2
by MindGamer | A lion meets a crocodile at the bank of a river and scares it away. Unbeliebavle!

Trainer Vs Trainie 3
by surrey604 | This video shows 7 Essential Techniques for any striker's arsenal. It is 1 part of james Clingerman's 7 Essentials Striking Takedowns Attacks from Mount Attacks from Guard Sweeps from Guard Escapes from Bottom Single-Man Drill

Trainer Vs Trainie 4
by surrey604 | n order to make the knuckles stronger, it's important to punch correctly by making the knuckles land flush. Discover techniques for conditioning the knuckles for boxing with help from a former heavyweight boxer in this free video on boxing and boxing...

Trainer Vs Trainie 2
by surrey604 | n order to build punching power, a boxer needs to work on their pivoting so that they can provide power from the hips. Discover how hip punching can give a boxer more energy with help from a former heavyweight boxer in this free video on boxing and b...

Trainer Vs Trainie
by surrey604 | Training for boxing involves practicing jabs, multiple punches and various attack combinations. Practice body shots, hooks and hip rotation with help from a former heavyweight boxer in this free video on boxing and boxing training.

Team Sonic Vs Team Dark And Dr.Eggman
by riapto | nimating is FUN again, yay! ^^ Anyway, I'll be animating faster then I should. I been lazy for 3 months and doing nothing but letting a online game take over my life. Which still is, and loving it!So, you guys are seeing a new Yuu. Time to rebuild ...

Cars Vs Crazy Drivers!
by arjun | This Video is a compilation of some of the raw car accidents caused by mad people behind the wheels. Well, in the video, mostly you can see the cause of the accidents were due to over speeding, rest are clumsy by the way. Speed thrills but kills!!!

Dog Vs Cat 2
by arjun |dog gets beaten up by a cat!! When I say beaten up, I literally mean it! The Dog just touches a cat on its back and the next the thing you know is that the dog is getting hit right on his face. The fight is so humanly. The poor dog looks so sad gett...

The Hulk Vs Abomination
by arjun | his is one of the best Super Hero, CG fight scenes created in Hollywood movies. The fight scene is from the movie 'The Incredible Hulk', a re-boot of its predecessor ‘Hulk’. Here, the battle is between the incredible Hulk and another hulk like mo...

Bike Vs Bike 2a
by anbarasan | Uploaded by motorstelevision on Jun 22, 2011At Magny-Cours, during a round of the promosport Championship: two riders crash and their bikes lock wheel bars and continue to pirouette on the ground

Hero Vs Heroine
by anbarasan | Dynamic fight scene from the movie "Thimiru"(2006), choreographed by Kanal Kannan.

Tiger Vs Crocodile 3
by dild26 | Tiger kills Crocodile ,Tiger is the winner. The most ferocious animal ever, the Tiger is consistent in attacking the Crocodiles. Tiger is up against against Crocodiles as it is faster with strong reflexes, never let it down at any moment of attack

Young Zebra Vs African Lioness
by dild26 | Young Zebra is Victorious against African Lioness even after long breathless moments the Zebra survived the attack and got away from tired Lioness.

Goku Vs Vegeta
by riapto | The battle between Goku and Baby Vegeta by chuchocorporatio project.

Trunks Vs Frieza
by riapto | A small recreation of the episode of DBZ where Trunks kills Frieza with his sword, made with Sprites. WITH AUDIO LATINO!

Goku and Vegeta Vs Broly
by riapto | Another fight with the legendary saiyan Broly. Gokuh and vegeta made their best to defeat him.

Goku Vs Akuma
by riapto | A battle between Goku and Akuma, done entirely in flash by chuchocorporation project.

Vegeta and Luffy Vs Gyamon
by riapto | Is was another day in earth when suddenly an enemy appeared and attack vegeta, Luffy came for help, but the fight will be very hard.

Gohan, Sasuke, and Piccolo Vs Potemkin
by riapto | Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto fight against Guilty Gear by chuchocorporation project.

Naruto Vs Vegeta, Gotenks, and Goku
by riapto | akura revives Naruto to have a Revenge, this will be the last figth with Goku and his friends. Naruto learns a new tecnique that can absorb the enemie´s power and increase his own power. Goku try to defend the world, and both use his energy maximus....

One Guy Vs The Martial Arts school
by arjun | his fight scene is from an Indian action-thriller film, Anniyan (meaning: Foreigner). The fight takes place between the Hero/villain, a Dissociative identity disorder patient and an entire Martial arts school including their Master, when the Villain ...

Rio Vs Neon
by riapto | io, a skilled grappler takes a walk in the city's park at night, when suddenly a meteor falls from the sky. Curious about it, Rio quickly rush to the crash site to find a strange meteor. Before getting a chance to examine it, he finds himself fightin...

Naruto and Sakura Vs Luffy and Nami
by riapto | Naruto's Team 7 versus One Piece's Strawhat Crew part 1by YuuMonMusuedo

JuPe Vs DePe
by riapto | Initially, two Indonesian actress, Julia Perez (JuPe) and Dewi Persik (DePe) is only doing fight scenes. The fight originally was acting alone resulted in a real fight.

Turtle Vs Alligator
by kjsevilla | altwater Crocodile eating a giant turtle caught on the great barrier reef,

Kung Fu Master Vs Young Street Fighter
by rocketman55 | Its a classic type of fight between two schools of martial arts on top a high platform. The loser gets thrown off.

Wing Chun Master Vs Thug
by rocketman55 | Wing Chun practicioner fights off against a highly martial trained thug.

London Police Vs Teenage Bikers
by rocketman55 | London police beat up teenage bikers after they break curfew and barricade setup. Taken from a helicopter view.

Russian Security Vs Troublemakers
by rocketman55 | Russian Security Guards beat up troublemakers at the mall. They got what they deserved!

Elephant Vs Rhino 3
by puspanjali | A elephant who is 13 feet heightgets a war with Rhino of 6 feet its always small one to be knocked out.its bad fight

Elephant Vs Lion 2
by puspanjali | O! wow! The Elephants make the king of the forest to run for its life. And it runs as it can be made pray.

Heron bird Vs Frog 2
by puspanjali | The heron bird dips the beak into pond the poor frog in the pond got a bad luck and become a great dinner for heron..

Etna Volcano Vs Itly
by puspanjali | The ash eruption of Mount Etna December 2006,and ash added dust to atmosphere and erupted volcano through lava to the outer crust of earth

Undersea Vs Volcano 2
by puspanjali | Underwater sea volcanic eruptions occurred in floor and magma flows on and erupts like crackers.

Underwater Vs Volcano 2
by puspanjali | Oh! my god what a dangerous ,underwater eruption which can damage the sea propert

Indonesia Vs Volcano 2
by puspanjali | The volcanic eruption which occurred in Indonesia which destroyed the environment ,forest land and many civilian in the area

Yasur Volcano Vs Vanuatu 2
by puspanjali | OH no !! It looks like cracker burst.The Yasur Volcano eruptedwith throwing ash and liquid lava as the crackers burst.

Marum Volcano Vs Vanuatu 2
by puspanjali | Oh! my god What a dangerous person what a dangerous attempt .Oh my god they are busy in wathing the giant waves of lava.

Volcano Vs Italy 2
by puspanjali | A dangerous eruption of the volcano that added fling ash, hot gasses to the atmospheric air and spreed the liquid lava.

Volcano Vs Japan 2
by puspanjali | Oh !! Oh!! The Volcano erupted has taken away lots of lifeand spread the flying ash into the atmosphere

Man Vs Volcano 2
by puspanjali | Oh my god!!A man is busy with his work and watching the giant eruption of the volcano in Hawaii

Manitoba Vs Tornado 2
by puspanjali | Oh no !! oh god!!The Manitoba which was the dangerous tornado which wiped away many things with it which was on its way

Truck Vs Wind 2
by puspanjali | Oh no !!A truck traveling over bride was wiped away by the strong wind.