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1 vs Gang

Beast-mode Vs Dudes
by Violentce | Guy in Hawaiian shirt throws down and one punches some dudes quick fast style. Happens out some restaurant. People drop fast so this is a good video.

Street Fighters Vs Others
by Violentce | Decent compilation of a bunch of knock out and one punch street fights. People getting beat up left and right.

Husband Vs Wife N Boyfriend
by Violentce | Weak video of a husband beating up wife and her boy friend in the street

1 Bro Vs 2 Slow Dudes
by Violentce | One bro takes on two aggressive dudes, in under 6 secondsJust your average day at the American river.\"You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.\" - by Disney, Walt....

2 Thieves Vs Stabbed
by Violentce | Bloody Fight - Knives vs SticksI\'ve gotta hand it to him .. the victim gets robbed,stabbed and assaulted but he keeps fighting

3 Black Teens Vs Cop
by Violentce | CTV footage of NY police officer being attacked by three black teens in the Ghetto3 vs 1 and the cop stands his ground .. holy shitI haven\'t found this video in LL....yetUTICA - The police officer who was assaulted at the corner of James Str...

Dudes Vs Dude
by Violentce | Ghetto fight on train has crazy ending as Highlander saves the daysaving people since 1592

Black Vs Angry Dudes
by Violentce | Street Fight. Man gets head stomped on, in Bath, England, after being sucker punched by angry guy

Young People Vs Russian Dealers
by Violentce | oung people who cares, fights against drug dealers in Moscow. They search for drug spots and dealers after that punish them and mark with special permanent paint.Some translation:starting at 0:24, the guy with hidden microphone goes to cigare...

3 Big Dudes Vs Skinny
by Violentce | The dog\'s outraged!Even he know\'s 3 on 1 just isn\'t right...

Actor Vs Gangster
by Violentce | Chinese Fight Scene from a movie. Guy slaps dude in the head so hard that his eyeball explodes out.

East Indians Vs Punishment
by Violentce | Sucks to be a male Indian train commuter...People getting smacked and punched all over the place.

Drunk Vs Punch
by Violentce | e were driving home from the drag races on night and we stopped at a light and a guy runs over to us and starts yelling. He ends up rolling in the street. What a douche. Just so everyone know\'s. This guy came to us. We did not say anything t...

Police Vs Man
by surrey604 | Vietnamese traffic police vs man with bottles of beer with bottles of beer

Skater Vs Three Idiots
by DevilDevon | Skinny skater kid fights off 3 dudes. Damn it was a blurry fight.

Skaters Vs Security Guard
by Violentce | indoor 10 security guard gets beat up by a random person sticking up for the skateboarders, real fist fight at towards the end

Fast Attacker Vs Invisible Opponent
by Violentce | avage Assault Caught On CCTV.Sickening footage of an horrific attack in which a teenager was punched, kicked and stamped on have been released in a bid to trace the thugs responsible.The 17-year-old was left unconscious with serious head inju...

3 Blacks Vs 1 Robbed
by Violentce | RAPHIC footage of a youth's brutal bashing at a train station shows three attackers taking turns to kick him in the head.Detectives investigating the vicious assault say they are appalled by the level of violence, which left the 23-year-old man f...

Beaten Syrian Vs Army
by Violentce | ssad regime loyalists inside Hims, Syria beat and humiliate detained civilians while being questioned. They take some pretty nasty hits in this one, including kicks and punches in the face.Look Wall Street....this is police brutality, as opposed ...

Five Vs One
by Violentce | The jumpers become the jumped. Looks like a crowd of weaklings fighting one guy and then a few come rescue the one guy.

Fedor Vs Guards
by Violentce | MMA Heavyweight Fedor gets thrown in jail and ends up beating up the guards.

One Guy Vs Two KOed
by Violentce | One man decides to cheapskate punch two guys when their not looking. Knocked out both of them in one punch each.

Head Vs Skateboard
by Violentce | Starts off with a bunch of yelling with no real fighting. Then one buddy tries taking two on and ends up getting smashed in the head with the trucks of a skateboard. Nice!

Rapist Vs Women
by Violentce | A bunch of women crowd a man whos hands are tied up. Youtube video says that its a rapist getting beaten on video.

Vigilantes Vs Suspected Molester
by Violentce | his info started on Facebook where they made accusations that the man tied at the Stop Sign was purportedly having sex with an 11 year old girl against her will, if you watch this long video you will see he repeatedly denies this - however, Barbadian...

Molestor Vs Women
by Violentce | Check these two hood rats crackin dem knees. They said dis crazy nigga went and raped his own daughter. Anyway, after crackin dem knees, the molester runs off into some ladies house. It's all good in the hood.

4 Prisoners Vs Child Molestor
by Violentce | Inmates attacking a what they taught was a child molester Video of dude getting beaten for 1 hr.

Hispanic Vs Many Blacks
by Violentce | urveillance video of the brutal beating of a 15-year-old Newark teenager may only tell half the story.The attack last week by a pack of teenagers shows the youth being pummeled and kicked as he lay on a sidewalk in front of a deli about four blocks...

Drunk Vs Crew
by Violentce | A drunk bully picks on a guy at Hyperfest, gets his ass kicked...then he cries. He even continues to talk smack afterwards! This dude got what he deserved. As seen on Trutv's World's Dumbest Brawlers.

MS13 Vs New Member
by Violentce | Apparently the title of this video says this is a future MS13 member trying to enter the gang via gang initiation.

One Russian Vs Emos
by Violentce | Crazy russian guy walks in all nonchalant and ends up smashing like 5 emo kids. Not as bad as I originally thought this was but still a good video.

Racist Vs Beaters
by Violentce | hite idiot calls a bunch of black people the last word in the dictionary that they wana hear and they go at him. Before they are able to attack him he ends up trying to stab one of them with a broken bottle. White guy falls in the pool and then he sw...

One Vs Two
by Violentce | Guy knocks out two bullies with 2 punches. Quick little guy for sure. One punch mayhem galore.

7 Black Kids Vs 1 White Guy
by Violentce | 7 Blacks Beat Up 1 White Boy in an unprovoked racial attack, the true face of racism...

OG Russian Vs 5 Pickpocketers
by Violentce | Russian OG takes on five pickpocketers. Seems fake but I can't tell

13 Bouncers Vs 2 Guys
by Violentce | wo men give bouncers a hard time after they refuse to leave JayZ’s 40/40 club in Atlantic City, NJ. As the bouncers throw the men out of the club they beat them down in the parking lot.One man is out cold on the ground getting kicked when his fri...

4 Thai Girls Vs 1 Guy
by Violentce | Don't Mess With Thai Girls (street fight). I've never seen girls be so viscous. Intense shiat.

Asian Kid Vs 7 Bullies
by Violentce | An Asian kid being bullied by some pathetic jerks....that's all that needs to be said.

Baseball Bat Vs Lots Of Faces
by Violentce | ome crazy guys from Boston obviously drunk start trying to fight a guy in his car for what appears to be no reason.After a minute or so the guy in his car has had enough and pulls to the end of the alley and stops his car.He get out and approache...

4 Blacks Vs 1 White Guy
by Violentce | ublic asked to help catch four youngsters seen violently assaulting a passenger on a Luxembourg trainPolice have posted footage from a train surveillance camera showing a group of youngsters savagely attack a lone passenger. The horrific incident t...

1 Russian Vs 4 Russians
by aekramer | Russian guy defends his girlfriend? What has happened and why are they fighting?! I DONT KNOW!SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FIGHTING VIDEOS!The song is \

Thief Vs Tough Guys
by Violentce | Thief Gets Confronted & Body Slammed By whiteboys On The Hood of A Car In Philly!

Man Vs Men
by rjhuaman2009 | A couple of men are in a argument when one of them turns around and accidently hit a girl. The girl’s boyfriend beats both men for touching his girl.

Man Vs 2 Women
by rjhuaman2009 | Women scream at a man in a parking lot and he knocks out one of them for slapping him. The other girl just screams like crazy to get hit.

Man Vs People
by rjhuaman2009 | girl get hit by man in a pool and then all the people around go against the man. Another reason why men shouldn’t hit women.

Boy Vs Boys
by jsubang |People sometimes do things in a crowd that they would not have the courage to do alone because crowds can diffuse responsibility. Crowds, in addition, can intensify a sentiment simply by creating a critical mass of like-minded people.

Man Vs Everyone
by jsubang | All i can say is this...if you wanna jump in and swing like a man ya better be ready to get hit like one.

Men Vs Men
by jsubang |These people are capable of much more, they just don't give themselves a chance, rather be hood rich than smart and lucrative. Its a waste!!

One man Vs Crowd
by Werold | One man takes on a group of guys in the street. Guy in white gets completely floored.

Fan Vs Fans 2
by jsubang |Raw Video: According to witnesses, a young fan dropped f-bombs during US Open and then got into a brawl when confronted by other attendees.

Black man Vs White man
by Niz1986 | 3 black mans taking on 1 white man showing their unfair talents, well but that black man daringly taking on them too

Tony Jaa Vs Gang
by Violentce | Crazy video of some martial artist breaking arms and legs. Might be a movie but still a very intense scene.

Ex Boxer Vs People
by asiasgoddess | So this "ex-boxer" watched this dipshit beat up girls and then decided to hide around a corner and give him a cheap shot? Wow, what a hero.

Yankee Fan Vs Marlin Fan
by samron | heck out this video taken by a handycam where a Yankee Fan and a Marlin Fan fight it out. At one moment one of the guys jumps off and gets into the fight and you can see a girl trying to scream in the background. Also a 10-year-old kid gets hit and c...

Man Vs 3 Cops
by asiasgoddess | It's funny seeing all the idiots coming on here to insult cops. They're the first ones that run to the phone to dial 911 when things go bad, begging the cops to come help them.

Old Man Vs Stealer
by asiasgoddess | Surveillance Video captures a 72-year-old former boxer fighting off a man who tried to steal money from his pocket.

Police Vs 6 Year Old Girl
by asiasgoddess | In yet another shocking case of brutality, two cops were caught on camera in Uttar Pradesh's Etawah district, assaulting a six-year-old girl

Old Man Vs Police
by asiasgoddess | This was happened in Barcelona Spain when police officers attacks the suspected killer.........

American Vs Thai Women
by asiasgoddess | .....this guy's a fool and you dont that crap ESPECIALLY in a country where KICKING can turn deadly those girls were using simply muay thai kicks i root for them

Prisoner Vs Police
by asiasgoddess |courtroom defendant accused of threatening a prosecutor was restrained with a Taser Wednesday, Louisville television station WLKY reported. Percy Phillips, 44, who was in handcuffs and leg irons at the time, jumped out of his chair and knocked over ...

Killer Vs Police
by asiasgoddess |convicted killer was wrestled to the floor and stunned in a Wichita, Kansas courtroom. Officers had to restrain Gregory Moore after an emotional outburst during the sentencing phase of his trial for killing a sheriff's deputy. He became irate over t...

Gun Man Vs Victims Relatives
by asiasgoddess | Fight in a trial of a suspected gunman in a drive-by shooting where a child was killed............................

Drunken Men Vs Drunken Men
by asiasgoddess | Funny how strong people are when they have the friends with them, get them one on one and they are huge pussies, fight far

Girl Vs Police
by asiasgoddess | iami police tazer a young woman during the protests against the FTAA. The small group of protesters were yelling at police about the man seen laying on the ground getting handcuffed. The man had a broken arm and was screaming out in pain about being ...

Crazy Man Vs Police
by asiasgoddess | This crazy Meth head came into our office and the cops finally came and took care of him..............................

Drunken Man Vs Cops
by asiasgoddess | A drunken man obstructs traffic in the street before attempting to assault a police officer. The police use a stun gun to incapacitate the man prior to arrest.

Police Vs Teachers
by asiasgoddess | olice fired with rubber bullets on teachers taking part in a nationwide civil servants' strike in South Africa on Thursday. The violence came on the second day of the strike for higher wages. At first the march was peaceful, with some strikers dancin...

Teen Vs Teens
by asiasgoddess | Three security guards watched a group of teens punch, kick and rob a 15-year-old girl in the downtown Seattle Metro bus tunnel without intervening

Man Vs Chimp
by asiasgoddess | You'd have to go back there with a knife, cause another fight and slice that crazy punk chimp . Just to maintain the appearance of superiority, so you won't have any other chimp trying it on.

Cop Vs Protesters
by asiasgoddess | You will see on this video how brave a cop that is willing to fight for a hundreds of protesters..

Cops Vs Drug dealer 2
by asiasgoddess | On this Video you will see a true to life scene. Its a fight b etween a drug dealer and a cop!

Thugs Vs Pro
by asiasgoddess | On tis video you will see a man messed with the wrong guy. This is so dangerous to do if your country covered in broken glass!

Motorist Vs Cyclist
by asiasgoddess | he attached video shows a parallel event, in which a mother terrifies her child, jumps a curb to attack, strikes a cyclist (a cancer victim, incidentally, and partially disabled), traps his foot underwheel, then pushes through and crushes the bicycle...

Black Vs Black
by asiasgoddess | Baltimore City Police surveillance cam catches violence at night on a Baltimore street corner.

Mother Vs Couple
by asiasgoddess | Wow that guy has to much fuckin respect for his mom....if i got slapped around like that i woulda turned the fuck around and smackahoe...Its the best possible choice

Students Vs Students
by asiasgoddess | loody cowards, so many attacking one person. The police are like dogs. Just enjoying the show. Bloody Indians and their stupid coward ppl. I am sure if they had to fight one on one they will be the first cowards running away from the nearest exit....

Turkish Guy Vs Turkish Guy
by squashylights | Real street fight from Turkey.The turkish Boxer Whoops Some Ass lolz its funny

Man Vs Group
by squashylights | A fight breaks out. Malaysian police stand by and watch/allow fellow citizens to beat the chinese man up till his face bleeds.

Wife Vs Mistress 2
by madel911 | A husband and his mistress get smacked when his wife and relatives found out their hidden affair!!!

Wife Vs Mistress
by madel911 | Wife beats up Mistress and her brothers beat up her bigamous stupid husband!!!

Old Man Vs Group
by squashylights |It's an unthinkable crime. Cleveland Police say a group of teens -- aged, 15-18 years -- pulled a 73-year-old man from his car, then kicked, beat and punched him relentlessly.

Man Vs Police
by squashylights | Video shows six officers beating a man, 42, who was pulled over for speeding. He has filed a case against all the officers involved in this video and the FBI is looking into the matter

Man Vs Couple
by squashylights | Road Rage Attack Caught on Tape in Ohio. Ohio police are searching for a couple who attacked a man at a gas station.

Psycho Vs Shop Keeper
by squashylights | Caught On Tape: Psycho Slits A Man In The Throat and Goes on a Knife Attack! Store Owner forced to gun him down. Apparently the assailant knew the owner and had a prior dispute

Man Vs Group 5
by squashylights | After a heated argument in a bar with a Guy he comes out with more of his friends to teach the guy in back seat a lesson

Man Vs Group 4
by squashylights | The four hooded thugs brutally assaulted the victim with the deadly weapons, beating him to the ground and continuing to rain blows on his body before one of them callously pushed the gun into his mouth as he lay unconscious.

Man Vs Group 3
by squashylights | arge fat bloke with bottle of wine attacks with a full bottle of wine then gets smacked on the stop button for his trouble!! hahah. Now the guy on the floor has a criminal record after denying he did it and telling the world he was beaten up !! you l...

Man Vs Group 2
by squashylights | That man will probably be paralized - if he even lives. I certainly hope all involved in the attack, meet their match.

Culprit Vs Victims Family2
by squashylights | Fight in a trial of a suspected gunman in a drive-by shooting where a child was killed.

Culprit Vs Victims Family
by squashylights | When the suspect was waiting for his turn in the courtroom. The victims family starts attacking him and punching him. He deserves the beating.

Man Vs The Villagers
by asiasgoddess | Husband of a Gram Pradhan was killed in Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh after the clash erupted between Pradhans husband and the family of a muscleman in the village. The murder happened in front of camera.

Blackman Vs Blackman
by asiasgoddess | What "skin head"? the big racist murderous bald monsters you made up in your ignorant fucking head or the subculture?

Man Vs Cops
by surrey604 | You have to catch it on tape to get these mother fuckers in trouble.

Security Guard vs Skaters
by srikanth |

Boxer Vs 2 Idiots
by Violentce | One idiot smacks a girl, accident or not, the boxer boyfriend unleashes.

One Guy Vs A Bunch
by Violentce | Classic video of one punches and knock outs and a man vs an army/

Towel Head Vs Towel Head
by Violentce | Towel head chicks slap boxing each other.

Random Vs Random and Cops
by Violentce | Guy punches another guy in front of cops. Cops try and take guy down but are not able to do a good job.