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Brutal Fights

Body Slammed Vs Slammer
by Violentce | Russian guy and French guy fight. One guy hurt bad. He ok.

Facial Expressions Vs Sleeper
by Violentce | runken bashing results in a knockout in the middle of a street in AustraliaCCTV captured a bashing that took place in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia on May 23rd, 2013. Luke Alexander Green was sentenced to 2 years with early parole on the 13...

3 Blacks Vs 1 Robbed
by Violentce | RAPHIC footage of a youth's brutal bashing at a train station shows three attackers taking turns to kick him in the head.Detectives investigating the vicious assault say they are appalled by the level of violence, which left the 23-year-old man f...

Robber Vs Casino Employee
by Violentce | iolent Casino Robbery Caught On TapeInvestigators this afternoon were seeking two suspects in a violent robbery in Lehigh Acres.The crime occurred at Luxxor Casino, 5598 8th Street West, Lehigh Acres, just after 11 p.m. Friday.Upon arriva...

Five Vs One
by Violentce | The jumpers become the jumped. Looks like a crowd of weaklings fighting one guy and then a few come rescue the one guy.

Big Kid Vs Small Big Kid
by Violentce | Thought the title was a joke at first then the fight happens 2 minutes in. Then the some-what brutal parts starts.

Scary Black Vs White dude
by Violentce | Big black dude ends up fucking destroying this white guy from behind with a cheap shot. Pretty rough video. white guy gets harassed by black couple, while other seven white people just watch in horror lol

Crackhead Vs Crackheacd
by Violentce | Intense awesome video of two crackheads battling it out on the sidewalk. Actually a fairly brutal video because one chick pins the other down and you know the rest

Chicks Vs Chicks
by Violentce | Girls gets in to a MASSIVE BRAWL and gets KO'ed must watch!!! Oh No! Girl Gets A Major Beating!! Titties Pop Out - 10 Girls Fight!

Baseball Bat Vs Lots Of Faces
by Violentce | ome crazy guys from Boston obviously drunk start trying to fight a guy in his car for what appears to be no reason.After a minute or so the guy in his car has had enough and pulls to the end of the alley and stops his car.He get out and approache...

Martial Art Vs Mixed Martial Arts
by Violentce | Skinny white guy gets completely smashed by shorter guy outside in the snow.

Tough Group Vs Other Group
by Violentce | his is just a clip of a bunch of teenagers setteling some problems in a parking garage.It seems kind of confusing at first,but basically it's how it looks,one side hates the other..After a small scuffle one of the teens ends up knocked cold face firs...

Russian Security Vs Troublemakers
by rocketman55 | Russian Security Guards beat up troublemakers at the mall. They got what they deserved!

Tony Jaa Vs Gang
by Violentce | Crazy video of some martial artist breaking arms and legs. Might be a movie but still a very intense scene.

Prison Vs Officer
by asiasgoddess | This is for the Officers that arrived at the scene. You let down your brothers in Blue. You had a green light! I wish I was still boxing in Police Olympics and face you cowards. I would remind you how you let your family down.

Students Vs Students
by asiasgoddess | loody cowards, so many attacking one person. The police are like dogs. Just enjoying the show. Bloody Indians and their stupid coward ppl. I am sure if they had to fight one on one they will be the first cowards running away from the nearest exit....

Black Guys Vs Asian guys
by Violentce | Black guys fuck shit RIGHT up.

Bouncers Vs Patrons
by Violentce | Bouncers wreck shit on patrons in Russia.

Kimbo Slice Vs. Byrd (Big D)
by Violentce | Kimbos first street fight.

Big Guy Vs Little Guy
by Violentce | Little guy is losing at first but ends up winning.

Convict Vs Mexican
by Violentce | Guy gets out of jail and goes on felony fights. He gets this ass beat.