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Ghetto Fights

Street Fighters Vs Others
by Violentce | Decent compilation of a bunch of knock out and one punch street fights. People getting beat up left and right.

Ghetto Fatties Vs Ghetto Fatties
by Violentce | Bunch of fatties fighting in the streetsSeen 1 million times, but always so amusing. Starts off as a 1Vs 1, but ends up as a multiple 1 Vs 1 scene.

Ghetto Chicka Vs Chicka
by Violentce | ghetto-chick fight..might be another angle from a fight earlier on LL or a repost.. hard to tell em apart;)oh and skip the first 12 sec or so.. someone slipped an ad in front..

Ghetto Girls Vs Ghetto Girls
by Violentce | I bet there was a pound of hair on the ground after it was all said and done. Then dudes start fighting.

Black Ghetto Model Vs Other
by Violentce | Funny ghetto pansy fightFlying kicks, jazz hands punching, arms flailing about. Somebody leakin.

Black Team Vs Black Team
by Violentce | Ghetto street fight with lots of brutal action that ends only when the ice cream man arrives on-scene.

Five Vs One
by Violentce | The jumpers become the jumped. Looks like a crowd of weaklings fighting one guy and then a few come rescue the one guy.

Vigilantes Vs Suspected Molester
by Violentce | his info started on Facebook where they made accusations that the man tied at the Stop Sign was purportedly having sex with an 11 year old girl against her will, if you watch this long video you will see he repeatedly denies this - however, Barbadian...

Hispanic Vs Many Blacks
by Violentce | urveillance video of the brutal beating of a 15-year-old Newark teenager may only tell half the story.The attack last week by a pack of teenagers shows the youth being pummeled and kicked as he lay on a sidewalk in front of a deli about four blocks...

Scary Black Vs White dude
by Violentce | Big black dude ends up fucking destroying this white guy from behind with a cheap shot. Pretty rough video. white guy gets harassed by black couple, while other seven white people just watch in horror lol

Black Vs Latin Dude
by Violentce | Black dude takes a quick and relentles beating on the ground. One punch two punch three punch.... hahah and the black guy was so dazed he was still hugging the legs of the latin guy after he clearly lost.

Latino Vs Black Dude
by Violentce | Guys are fighting in some projects and some lady jumps out with a bat and orders it to stop.

Rapper Vs Puncher
by Violentce | Black dude gets almost punched out by a white guy after the white guy slaps the black guy. The black guy responds by punching the white guy. White guy misses a couple connections to the face.

Robber Vs Choked Out
by Violentce | Black guy tries to rob asian guy, gets choked out by the asian guy.

Black Chick Vs Other
by Violentce | Titties poping out in a girl Fight at the Lime Light Saginaw Michigan Video.

Fat Chick Vs Skinny Black
by Violentce | Black chicks raging on each other at a constant rate. Good fight too bad its so dark and I can't see everything perfectly. Good video though!

Weak Bitch Vs Weaker Bitch
by Violentce | Two black broads fighting, but this video kind of sucks because they dont fighting untill 2:45 into the video... Really short too.

Black Chick Vs One-Punch KO
by Violentce | Wow. Guy one-punches a girl out COLD. She ends up waking up towards the end of the video. Good Morning Sunshine :D

Two Black Chicks Vs Many
by Violentce | One black chick gets punched on by a few and her black friend jumps in and starts getting punched too. 10 Vs 2

Diamond Vs Black Chick
by Violentce | Black chicks fighting all out. Young but furious. Clear footage finally.

3 Blacks Vs 1 White Girl
by Violentce | ortland: MAX Green Line Train - Anti-white Mob Assault on White Teenage Girl (From youtube) Anti-white crime knows no limits. Mob of black teenagers target and victimize white teenager. Three to four African-American teenage girls target one European...

Girls Vs Their clothes
by Werold | A group of ghetto girls get into a scrap in Detroit. Clothes start flying.

Kimbo Vs The Bouncer
by bebofch | Black guys: Get up nigger come on !!people are fucking stupid in this video all have big mouths but they dont fight at all

Black Vs Black
by asiasgoddess | Baltimore City Police surveillance cam catches violence at night on a Baltimore street corner.

Shirtless Black Guy Vs Shirtless Black Guy
by Violentce | Ghetto fight between two shirtless guys. Fight on! Fight on! Fight on!

Black Guys Vs Asian guys
by Violentce | Black guys fuck shit RIGHT up.